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3-D Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Tree 

A delicious treat and a great decoration for your home


The holiday season is so wonderful, with all the baking you can do, the house decorating and the lovely jolly music. I love spending hours and hours creating delicious gifts for my family and friends, then wrapping them nicely and waiting to gift them away. I think there is always something special about the homemade and handmade gifts, as you are gifting something unique every single time.

Most of ​my gifts have something to do with gingerbread in one way or another. I just think gingerbread is an essential part of holiday season and I love the smell of it. That is why today I am also going to show you something with gingerbread. These little 3 D Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Trees make a beautiful edible Christmas decoration and they bring a scent of Christmas to your house.

For this tutorial you will need some of my homemade gingerbread dough (how much you will need, depends on how many trees you will be making, but lets just say one portion of the dough will give 10 or more trees)​, royal icing (I use Wilton´s meringue powder* which comes with a recipe) and star cookie cutters (I found two sets that would work for this tutorial, I use one that is similar to this*, but I found one that is cheaper* and I think would work as well).

Scroll down for the step-by-step video tutorial.

Happy Baking lovelies! Enjoy creating your own beautiful 3 D Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Trees!

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Step by Step Video

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