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About Elisa


Hey you, and Welcome to In the kitchen with Elisa. I am Elisa, the sometimes shy, but mostly very chatty food enthusiast who loves food and enjoys eating it as much as making it. I have always been of an artistic nature, I used to go to art school and paint with oil on canvas, then I got caught in photography and somehow from there it proceeded to food photography and experimenting with recipes. That is how my story started about 3 years ago and earlier this year I decided to take it a step further with this website.


I was born in Estonia, raised in Finland, studied in the UK and dragged to Germany by my heart. That is how I also developed a love for different cuisines. I love re-creating traditional recipes from the countries I have lived in or visited, as well as getting inspired by many great bloggers, recipe creators and authors around the world.

What is my favorite recipe? I don´t think there could be a harder question to answer. I truly love all my creations and I only share those that have passed my careful taste test :) I will, share my current top 5 here with you, but don´t be surprised if you see these changing once in a while.


Food is what brings families and friends together. 

Food helps us share the love & express feelings.

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In the kitchen with Elisa is a place for everyone who loves to create delicious meals for themselves, their families and friends. It is a place for beginner cooks and bakers, as well as those who know their way around already. My idea from the start was and still is, creating recipes, whether simple or challenging, in a way that anyone could re-create them. That is why all my recipes are accompanied with a  step-by-step video tutorial from my YouTube channel.

Here you will find anything from finger licking good cinnamon rolls to a healthy pumpkin soup. Looking for a dessert for Christmas? Or looking for a traditional Finnish recipe? I have it all here for you. 

I would like In the kitchen with Elisa to be like a friend to you, to whom you come for advice and with whom you will also share your own thoughts with. I will be adding more topics here once I get the time, but until then, Enjoy the food! :) 

I love, love, loooove making cakes as those of you who follow me on Instagram will know. It has been about 4 years since I started my caking journey and now I would like you to join me :) You can now learn to make cakes with me by joining one of my Cake Classes. Lets have fun together making cakes! I will share with you my kknowledge and give you all the tricks to perfect your cake making and decorating skills. Find out more here.

For more food inspiration you can visit me on my YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Thank you for stopping by, happy to have you around :)


With Love,

Your Elisa

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