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7Up Cream Cake with Jellies

7Up cake the way you have never had it before


Are you ready for a super fun cake? :) Because that is exactly what I have for you today! 

I have never made a cake with any soft drink before, I think that kind of cakes are more typical in the USA and not so much here in Europe. However, I love a challenge :) And when my frienb AB, Smokin´& Grillin´wit AB, who by the way is a BBQ God (not kidding!), asked me whether I would be interested in a collaboration with him and make a 7Up cake the first thing I felt was challenged, as I had no idea what I would make :D Then I thought I need to do some research online and see what a typical 7Up cake looks like. I found many photos of bundt cakes and I can see why that is the case. In a bundt cake you can incorporate the 7Up into the cake batter and then make a glaze to go on top also using 7Up, which will definitely bring out the 7Up flavour. And if you want to try make this kind of 7Up cake, AB has a delicious recipe for it available here. So, I felt I want to do something completely different. And that way you have two great, but completely different, 7Up cake recipes available for you :) How great is that! :)

To get my thoughts running I bought a bottle of 7Up as I hadn´t had any for a veeery long time (#notafanofsugarydrinks). I wanted it to be a cake, so that was clear, and also some kind of cream cake as those are my favorite :D So my first thought was to make the cake layers with 7Up and then add a little lime zest to get a real nice slightly bitter taste in there. The next part was a bit challenging as I wanted to have the 7Up flavour really pop out in the cake..And here my boyfriend came with a great idea "What if you make a layer, like a jello layer, into the cake?". OMG! That was genius!!! I got so excited at this point and then the idea was finalized. I wanted little green cubes, well 7Up is actually not green, but the bottle is green and I wanted the cake to be colourful, so they had to be green :D These cubes were going to be between the cake layers with some cream and then I would also decorate the cake with them. I was super excited!! :) Then the strawberries happened just to add a little :D What I wanted to achieve with this was a cut through the cake where you see red and green little gems and you can imagine my excitement when that was exactly what I got :) 

I know that​ was a long story, but I really wanted to share with you how the creative process goes on my side sometimes :) Not always, as in most cases I have a clear plan before I even start creating the recipe, but sometimes it goes like with this cake. I am really thankful to my friend AB for that and I am also really excited to try out his 7Up cake recipe :) It will go into the veeery long list of recipes from AB´s YouTube channel Smokin´& Grillin´wit AB that I want to try, because DELICIOUS! :) I also want to mentiont, that AB is a really charming and kind person and I am really happy to have had the opportunity to meet him through YouTube! Oh, can I trust you with a little secret? :) AB and myself are planning something really exciting for you :) Stay tuned and you won´t be disappointed :)

I apologize for the long story today, but this cake made me feel so many feelings and I felt like those need sharing :) I also hope that when you try out this recipe, you will feel at least part of that excitement that I had when creating this fun recipe for you :)

I would love love looove to hear your thoughts on this cake, please write me a couple of lines in the comment section below :)


Happy Baking lovelies!

P.S. Please don´t feel that it is an impossible recipe or not for a beginner baker. It does require time as there are many steps, as with any cream cake, but they are all explained thoroughly for you in the recipe and the tutorial and I am here for you if anything seems unclear :) Trust yourself, because you can do more than you believe, and get caking! :)


Step by Step Video


7Up Cream Cake with Jellies

7Up cake the way you have never had it before


  • 250ml 7Up

  • 10g agar agar or 9g powdered gelatin

  • very little green food colour


  • 100g butter

  • 150g sugar

  • 3 eggs

  • 210g flour

  • 1 tsp baking powder

  • ½ tsp baking soda

  • 150ml 7Up

  • zest of an organic lime


  • 300g cream cheese (natural flavour)

  • 100g whipping cream

  • 50g sugar

  • zest of an organic lime


  • 6 egg whites

  • 250g sugar

  • 300g butter

  • 1 tsp vanilla paste / extract

  • green food colour

  • 300 g fresh strawberries


  1. You want to start with making the jellies so that they have enough time to set. If using agar agar divide the 250ml 7Up so that you have 100ml and 150ml separately. Then add the 100ml to a small pot and add the agar agar powder to it while whisking constantly. Heat the mix on high heat for a couple of minutes until the agar agar has completely dissolved (the mix should become clearer) and then add it to the rest of the 7Up while whisking and continue whisking for a little. Add a little green food colour to the 7UP, mix well and transfer the mix into a silicone mold. Allow to cool at room temperature and then transfer into the fridge to fully set. If using gelatine prepare according to package instructions.

  2. To make the cake layers, beat the soft butter with sugar in a standing mixer for 5 minutes (or with a hand mixer about 7 minutes). Add eggs one at a time and beat for about a minute in between additions.

  3. Sift flour, baking powder and baking soda.

  4. Grate the skin of one organic lime into the batter.

  5. Add dry ingredients to the butter and sugar mix in three additions alternating with the 7Up. End with dry ingredients.

  6. Divide the batter into four buttered 15cm cake tins. You can also use just one big 15cm cake tin, but then you need to increase the baking time. It should most likely take about 1 hour to bake the cake in this case, but make sure to check with a toothpick before removing the cake from the oven. Bake the cake in 175°C in the middle shelf of the oven for about 20-30 minutes. Remove from the oven, allow to cool for about 10 minutes before removing the cake layers from the cake tins and then cooling completely on a cooling rack. Allow to cool completely before proceeding with constructing the cake. I would suggest to cool the cake layers, wrap them in some cling film and chill in the fridge over night.

  7. To make the cream cheese filling, add the cream cheese, sugar and zest of one organic lime to a medium bowl and soften with a spatula for a couple of minutes. Whip the cream until stiff and then add to the cream cheese in two additions folding to combine and form a smooth filling.

  8. Wash and cube the strawberries. Remove some jello cubes from the silicone mold.

  9. Take one cake layer, add a cake ring around it and add about 4-5 jello cubes randomly on top. Then add also 4-5 strawberry cubes and pipe the cream cheese filling to fill the spaces in between. Repeat with all of the layers. (See video for detailed instructions) Cover with cling film and chill in the fridge while you are making the buttercream.

  10. For the Swiss meringue buttercream, combine the egg whites and sugar in a big bowl and heat over a water bath with a thermometer until it reaches 65°C. While heating make sure to whisk the egg whites continuously or the eggs will start to cook and you will end up with scrambled eggs. Once reached 65°C remove from heat and whisk with a standing mixer or a hand mixer until the bowl feels cool to touch. Then add vanilla paste, turn the mixer to medium and add the soft butter in additions. Continue whisking on high setting until you reach a smooth buttercream texture. If you notice that at some point during whisking, the buttercream looks like it has curdled, don´t worry, just continue mixing and it will fix itself.

  11. Remove the cake from the fridge and with a help of a spatula, carefully remove the cake ring. Then cover the cake with a layer of buttercream so that it is completely covered. (See video) You don´t want to just crumb coat, as the filling inside is soft and we want to keep it inside with the help of the buttercream. Then chill again for 10-15 minutes so that the first layer of buttercream has time to set. Test with your finger, if it doesn´t sink into the buttercream but just leaves a little finger print, it has set. Then apply another layer and smoothen it well. (See video for tips) Chill the cake while you make the next step to make sure it doesn´t start to bulge in the heat.

  12. In three little bowls mix about two to three tablespoons of buttercream (in each) with some green food colour to create three shades of green.

  13. Finish decorating the cake with the green buttercream, strawberries, jellies and some piped buttercream. (See video)

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