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Homemade Cranberry Sauce

A delicious side for Holidays with a hint of citrus and cinnamon


With or without cranberry sauce? That's the question today.

When it comes to any white meat for me it is a definite yes for cranberry sauce. It is a perfect accomponiment to white meat and I love the little sweet and sour taste that it ads. ​I must be honest with you and say that I almost never make my own cranberry sauce.. I usually just opt out for a store bought. However, the store bought either has a lot of sugar in it or is really sour. Also it is usually always just the plain cranberry sauce that you can get from the store, it doesn't have any additional flavours in it. So if you want something special for Holidays, you should definitely make your own as it is so much better!

We can rarely get fresh cranberries here as their season is very short. I was lucky to get fresh ones for this recipe, but I am sure frozen cranberries would do the trick as well. I will make my next batch, which I will be making for Christmas with frozen cranberries and then I will let you know here :) However, since I have been making jams for some time now and I use both frozen and fresh berries and both are great, I am sure the same will apply for using frozen cranberries for your cranberry sauce.

When I think about Christmas and the Holiday season in general, the first flavours that come into my mind are citrus fruits and cinnamon. Maybe that's because those are my favourite "winter" flavours, I don't know, but that's how it is for me. So that's also why when I was thinking about what flavours I want to add to my cranberry sauce, those were the two that I thought of first and those that I decided to use in the end. I did get some other ideas as well and I might be bringing another cranberry sauce recipe in time for Christmas. Would you like that? :)

This homemade cranberry sauce can be made well in advance before the holidays as it lasts for up to 10-14 days in the fridge. That's also something that makes it a great DIY Christmas gift that you can give to family and friends. Prep it, jar it and gift it to see some bright smiles.

Happy Holidays Lovelies!


Step by Step Video


Homemade Cranberry Sauce

A delicious side for Holidays with a hint of citrus and cinnamon


(makes 2 small jars)

  • 300g cranberries

  • 100g brown sugar

  • 1 cinnamon stick

  • skin of 1 organic orange

  • juice of 1 orange


  1. Add the cranberries, the brown sugar and the cinnamon stick to a small pot.

  2. Wash the orange well and peel the skin into the pot with the cranberries.

  3. Half the orange and juice it with a fruit juicer or just by squeezing the juice from the orange with your hands. Add the orange juice to the cranberries.

  4. Transfer the pot to heat and heat over medium heat covered for about 5 minutes or until the cranberries have cooked through and softened. At this point you will notice that there is quite a lot of liquid at the bottom of the pot. Then remove the lid and simmer for another 2-3 minutes or until the liquid has slightly reduced.

  5. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely.

  6. Once cooled remove the orange peel and the cinnamon stick.

  7. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 10-14 days. You can also freeze the cranberry sauce if you want it to last longer.

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