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Healthy No Dairy Creamy Pumpkin Soup

A thick and creamy pumpkin soup that you want to eat over and over again


Oh pumpkin soup, why you so good? I am just happy that this soup is so healthy that I don´t have to feel bad about the amounts I eat of it when I make it. This pumpkin season I have already made it three times and I have another pumpkin waiting, so I can make it again. I had to run to the shop to get another one before the season is over so I can eat this soup one more time.


There are seasonal recipes that one can make only when the specific produce is in season and then the rest of the year you keep coming back to that delicious flavour and dream of eating it again. I don´t have many such recipes, but this pumpkin soup is definitely on that list. I just feel so sad thinking I can´t eat it for almost a year.. 

Serve your pumpkin soup with some drizzled olive oil on top or go fancy and serve it with some creme fraiche, pomegranate seeds and some fresh dill on top. I absolutely love the latter one, such an amazing combination of flavours. Warm soup, with the fresh creme fraiche and little pockets of sweet pomegranate juice, YUM!

Are you ready to get hooked? Then give this recipe a try and be ready to get surprised :)


Step by Step Video


Healthy Creamy Pumpkin Soup

A thick and creamy Pumpkin Soup that you want to eat over and over again


  • 1 small hokkaido pumpkin/squash (about 1kg)

  • 2 big potatoes

  • 5 small white onions

  • fresh thyme

  • salt

  • black pepper

  • dry chili

  • olive oil

  • 500 ml of water

  • 400 ml of coconut milk (one can)


  1. Half the pumpkin, remove the seeds and cut both halves into fours.

  2. Peel and cube the potatoes.

  3. Peel and cut the onions.

  4. Take a big casserole dish, add all vegetables to it and also the fresh thyme. Season generously with salt and with some black pepper and chili (if you wish). Drizzle with olive oil and cover with aluminium foil.

  5. Bake in 200°C in the middle shelf of the oven for an hour or until all of the vegetables are soft.

  6. Remove from the oven, uncover and allow to cool a little.

  7. Remove the pumpkin from the skin and add to a medium pot along with the rest of the vegetables. Make sure to get the delicious oil at the bottom of the pan into the pot as well.

  8. Add water and coconut oil, mix well and bring to boil over medium heat.

  9. Remove from heat and blend with an immersion blender until you get a smooth, lump-free soup.

  10. Taste for salt and add more if needed.

  11. Serve warm with a topping of our choice (serving suggestion on website).

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