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The Easiest Homemade Caramel Ever

Making your own caramel couldn´t get any simpler

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Have you ever made your own caramel? To go with the pancakes, to decorate a cake or cookies, or just to use as caramel sauce on a dessert? I have made caramel so many times I can´t even tell you, and almost as many times I have failed on the first go. Something always happens, I miss the time when the sugar gets dark (I like my caramel a bit darker because of the flavour) and then it is burned, or the sugar is not melting the way it should, or it just doesn´t thicken at the end.. To be honest I would have never imagined I will myself create a recipe for caramel by accident that both tastes the way I like it and also is very easy to make.

This is how the story goes, I was about to make caramel for a cake that I wanted to take to a family gathering, when I noticed I had no white sugar left. So I had to check the alternatives and I found some raw cane sugar. Because my other option was to go out in to the cold and fetch me some white sugar, I decided to stay warm and experiment with the raw cane sugar. Never would I have thought the result would be so YUM! The raw cane sugar gives the caramel such a lovely deep flavour, which is really hard to get when making caramel with white sugar as you can burn it at this point really easy (been there, done that, countless times).

And so my recipe born by an accident will hopefully make you love homemade caramel in a whole new level as well. It is really the easiest homemade caramel recipe ever,as you only melt the sugar rather than melt it and try to get it to the right color to taste great. 

If you are feeling a bit unsure, because you have never made caramel before or you just feel like this sounds too simple, check the Step by Step video below for some extra tips and tricks.

Have fun making your own Homemade Caramel lovelies!


Step by Step Video


The Easiest Homemade Caramel Ever

Making your own caramel couldn´t get any simpler


  • 300g raw cane sugar (unrefined)

  • 150g butter

  • 50-100ml whipping cream (30% fat)


  1. Melt the raw cane sugar in a medium pot over medium heat. In this recipe you only want to melt the sugar and not cook it further like when making caramel with white sugar.

  2. Once the sugar has melted add butter and mix well until combined (this might take a couple of minutes). Be careful not to burn yourself when adding the butter as combining it with the hot sugar might cause it to splatter.

  3. Once the butter has all combined, remove from the heat and add the cream. Mix in the cream until combined. The amount of cream you add depends on the purpose for which you are going to use the caramel. If you are planning to use it to decorate cookies or pour over a cake then add as suggested in the recipe (50-100ml) if you are going to use it as a sauce you can add about double the amount of cream.

  4. Pour the still hot caramel into clean sealable jars. Allow to cool completely and then store in the fridge for a maximum of 2 weeks.

TIP. You can heat the caramel shortly before use if needed. I heat mine in the microwave in 10 second intervals until I am happy with the consistency.

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