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Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cake

Trending Cake 2018

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What are your thoughts on Trending Cakes? In 2018 I think the biggest trending cake has been the Number Cake or Alphabet Cake, some make it with a cookie base, some have made it into a cake with a cake base. I have made this cake a couple of times this year in different variations and I thought it would be great to make a holiday version with something Christmas related.

This cake will definitely wow your guests at the Christmas table, because I bet that not that many have seen something like this,especially in Christmas tree shape. I would also like to reassure anyone who is thinking "No way, this cake is way too complicated to make", it is not. You only need to bake some big cookies and pipe some cream on them, simple as that.

Let your imagination go wild with the decoration and suprise your family and friends with a stunning modern Christmas Cake.

Get the Christmas Tree Template for the cake.

Happy Baking Lovelies!

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Step by Step Video


Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cake

Trending Cake 2018


  • ½ portion gingerbread cookie dough (recipe available on website)

  • 200g white chocolate

  • 50g whipping cream (30% fat)

  • 200g whipping cream (30% fat)

  • fresh cranberries

  • some raspberry/cranberry jam

  • silver pearls


  1. To make the white chocolate ganache, chop the white chocolate into small pieces and pour over hot cream. Leave aside for 30 seconds and then mix until the chocolate has completely melted. If the chocolate doesn´t seem to melt, you can heat it shortly (max. 30 seconds on low) in the microwave or on a hot water bath. Then leave aside and allow to come to piping consistency (see video).

  2. Roll out the gingerbread dough and cut out the tree shape using the template on the website. It helps if you roll out the dough on a parchment paper as moving the cut out shape can be very hard.

  3. Bake the gingerbread in 200°C bottom top heat on the middle shelf of the oven for about 10 minutes. Make sure the gingerbread doesn´t burn.

  4. Once the gingerbread has baked leave it aside to cool completely.

  5. If you wish, cover a cake board with fondant and write Merry Christmas on it with edible paint (see video).

  6. Whip the cream until stiff and transfer into a piping bag. Then also transfer the ganache into a piping bag (preferably use a smaller nozzle for the ganache).

  7. Cut some of the cranberries in half and leave some whole.

  8. To construct the cake, place one of the gingerbread cookies onto your cake board. Cover about 1/3 of the cookie with chocolate ganache and the rest with the whipped cream. Add a some jam on top of the cream and half of the cranberries. Add the second layer of gingerbread cookie on top and repeat all of the steps except the jam. Decorate with some silver pearls if you wish. (Decoration illustrated in the video)

  9. Store the cake in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours or preferably 6 hours to overnight in the fridge before serving. The longer you wait the softer the cookie base will become.

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