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Homemade Blood Orange Lemonade

Sweet and fruity homemade lemonade that looks almost too pretty to be real


If you saw my recipe for Blood Orange Coconut Cake, you already know that I have fallen in love with this fruit and I just cannot get enough of it. It tastes so sweet and it looks absolutely gorgeous. 

So after I made that cake I was thinking of other recipes to make with blood oranges, that would also showcase the amazing red color of the fruits. ​And because I love homemade drinks I came up with an idea of making a homemade lemonade with these beautiful fruits. 

Making homemade lemonade is great, because, well, first of all the fresh juice that does not even come close to that bought from the store, and second of all the fact that you can control the amount of sugar you add to it. Also if you prefer not using sugar at all you can also opt out to some other sweetener, like honey or agave syrup.

I did not give a specific amount of sugar for this recipe as everyone has a bit different understanding of what is sweet and what is not sweet enough. I can only tell you that I made my syrup with 150g of sugar and I thought it could have had a little less sugar, whereas my boyfriend said it was perfect like that :) But if you end up adding too much sugar to your taste you can always add a bit more water until you are happy with the taste :)

Enjoy this homemade blood orange lemonade with some fresh fruit slices during the colder days and add some ice cubs on hot summer days to make it even more refreshing.



Step by Step Video


Homemade Blood Orange Lemonade

Sweet and fruity homemade lemonade that looks almost too pretty to be real


  • 300ml freshly pressed blood orange juice (3-4 blood oranges)

  • 100-150g sugar (or other sweetener)

  • 1,5 l cold water

  • 1 blood orange for decoration (optional)


  1. Press about 300 ml of blood orange juice.

  2. Take a small pot and add the sugar and the freshly pressed blood orange juice to it.

  3. Heat the sugar and the blood orange juice on low to medium heat until the sugar has completely dissolved. Make sure not to boil. Once sugar has melted, remove the syrup from the heat.

  4. Fill up a big jug with 1,5 litres of cold water. Strain the blood orange syrup with a sieve and add the strained syrup to the jug with water. Mix shortly.

  5. Add some fresh slices of blood orange for decoration.

  6. Enjoy the blood orange lemonade fresh with some slices of fresh fruit.

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