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Pretty Pink Meringue Kisses & Lollipops

A great little sweet treat to gift on Valentine´s Day or to decorate a Birthday/Babyshower sweet table


Valentine´s Day is coming closer and so it is time for some pink sweets and treats. These little meringue kisses and meringue lollipops are very cute, they look pretty and they are fairly easy to make. Make them with sprinkles or without sprinkles, they will still be beautiful :)

I know I said there that I am making these for Valentine´s Day, but I think these little sweet treats would also be perfect for a birthday party and specifically to decorate the sweet table in a beautiful way. Or why not make them for a baby shower? Make them pink for a little girl and baby blue for a little boy :) 

Making meringues in my opinion is pretty simple as long as you remember a couple of tricks and do everything as the recipe says. It is important to have the eggs for the meringue at room temperature as they will behave differently depending on whether they are cold from the fridge or they are room temperature. Then just remember not to rush with adding the sugar and you are half way there :) The last bit is baking the meringue kisses and here you just want to make sure they are ready before you turn off the oven. So just do a little check and see if the meringue comes off the parchment paper clean and if yes, it is ready. 

Now if you forgot the last bit and you notice that after the meringue has dried it still sticks to the parchment paper, don´t worry :) Just turn on the oven and pop them in for another half an hour. Then allow them to dry in the oven as instructed in the recipe and you will be fine :) So really, there is not much you can do wrong, and even if you do there are ways that come to the resque :)

I prepared a template for you to guide the piping of the heart lollipops and you can download it here for free. The equipment and the materials that I used can be found in the description box of the How to Make Pretty Pink Meringue Kisses and Lollipops video tutorial.

I though it would be a great idea to portion these little sweet treats into some transparent gift bags and tie them with some pink ribbon. I love just looking at them, not even mentioning eating them and enjoying how they slowly melt in your mouth.. :)

Enough said? I think yes :)


Happy Baking darlings!


Step by Step Video


Pink Meringue Kisses & Lollipops

A great little sweet treat


  • 4 large egg whites (about 160g) at room temperature

  • 400g sugar (fine)

  • 1tsp vanilla paste or vanilla extract

  • a little drop of pink/red food color

  • cake pop sticks

  • paper mini cupcake cases

  • sprinkles

  • transparent gift bags

  • colorful ribbon


  1. Before starting to make meringue kisses, make sure to have your egg whites at room temperature.

  2. Whisk the egg whites in a standing mixer or with a hand mixer until soft peaks form. (See video)

  3. Measure the sugar and start adding it to the egg whites while whisking continuously. You want to add the sugar slowly rather than all at once. You can, for example, count while you add the sugar and add it during about one minutes time. Then continue whisking until the meringue is glossy and starts to form firm peaks. (See video)

  4. Then you want to stop the mixer and test whether all of the sugar has dissolved. You can do this by rubbing a little of the meringue between your fingers and if you don´t feel any grains between your fingers that means the sugar has dissolved and the meringue is ready.

  5. Now add the vanilla paste and food color and whisk just until combined.

  6. Transfer the meringue into a piping bag with a closed star nozzle.

  7. Cover a baking tray with a parchment paper and put the template from the website under the parchment paper to use as a guideline for piping. Pipe a small dollop of meringue in the center of each heart and then add a cake pop stick on top. Then pipe the heart on top of the cake pop stick. Decorate with sprinkles. (See video)

  8. To make the meringue kisses, lay the paper mini cupcake cases on a baking tray and pipe a little meringue kiss into each cupcake case. Decorate with sprinkles.

  9. Bake the meringue lollipops and kisses in 100°C on a fan setting for at least an hour. Before turning off the oven check whether the meringue comes clean off the parchment paper. If not continue baking for a little longer. Once the meringue comes off the parchment paper, turn off the oven, open the oven door slightly and allow the meringues to stay in the oven for another hour to dry.

  10. Pack the cooled meringue kisses into gift bags and tie with a ribbon. (See video)

  11. You can alternatively store the meringue kisses and lollipops in an airtight container.

TIP. If after you have baked the meringue kisses you notice they are not ready and they still stick to the parchment paper, you can pop them back into the oven for another half an hour and then allow to cool as instructed in part 9.

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