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Rosemary Salt

Great way to preserve rosemary for winter


It is slowely getting closer to the time when we can start preserving the lovely goodies from the garden for the coming winter. And what could be a better way to preserve some of those amazingly fragrant herbs, than making your own herb salts? 

​did a garden tour a while ago and in that video (here) you could see the rosemary bush that we have growing in the garden. It is huge! And it was even bigger. I trimmed it a little while ago, as I wanted to remove any dead branches as well as make a little more space for the rhubarb that is growing in front of the rosemary bush. This meant that I had a lot of rosemary that needed to be used.. Don´t get me wrong, I love using rosemary for roasted potatoes, for frying a good steak and so many other things, but it was like a big bag of rosemary that I had and there was no way I would have used it all before it would go bad. That is why I decided to start preserving earlier this year and made my first batch of rosemary salt.

This method ​that I am showing to you in this recipe is back to basics, you don´t need any fancy machines to get this done :) The only two things you need is a cutting board and a sharp knife, that´s all :) However, if you do have the fancy machines, like a good blender, then you can pulse the rosemary with the salt in a blender and you will save yourself some time. Both ways work great, just pick the one that suits you the best :)

While ​you are cutting that rosemary you will be surprised by an amazing fragrance that will fill your kitchen. At this moment I started to think of the many ways I will be using my rosemary salt during the winter :) And I cannot wait to share those recipes with you!

What ​will you be using your rosemary salt for? :) Give me your tips! I love getting new ideas :)

Have fun making your own fragrant rosemary salt!


Step by Step Video


Rosemary Salt

Great way to preserve rosemary for winter


  • 20g fresh rosemary greens (only the greens without the stems)

  • 500g fine salt


  1. Wash the rosemary stems well and remove the greens. You only want to use the greens and not the hard stem. Weigh the greens so that you have 20 grams.

  2. Cut the rosemary greens really finely. Alternatively you can pulse them in a blender, which will speed up the process.

  3. In a medium bowl mix the finely cut rosemary greens with the salt. You want to mix well with your hands so that the salt starts to combine with the rosemary and gets infused with the rosemary flavour.

  4. Cover a baking tray with parchment paper and spread the rosemary salt evenly over the parchment paper.

  5. Dry the rosemary salt in a preheated oven at 110°C for 20-25 minutes or until the rosemary greens have turned dark (see video). Once they have dried they will have a dark grey colour. Make sure to mix the salt a couple of times while it is drying in the oven.

  6. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely. Then store in airtight glass jars and use within a year for seasoning food. Makes about two medium spice jars.


TIP. The rosemary salt is especially great for roasted potatoes and for frying a steak.

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