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The Best Breakfast/Brunch Recipe aka Shakshuka aka Tomato & Pepper Eggs

Healthy and super delicious savory breakfast 


Many say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And if you think about it, it really is. It is the first thing you have that day and it will set the mood for you both mentally and for your system. I don´t always think about the latter, which I know is not good, but well, sometimes I just need my cake in the morning :D But I definitely think about the first one and it is very important for me to eat something that brings me into a good mood to start my day well. Why have I started this topic, well, because this recipe right here will not just set you into a good mood and also be good for your stomach, but it will also make you smile with all the colors in it and the delicious taste of it.

Just ​yesterday I had a very good friend visiting me for brunch and I thought I really have to make my Shakshuka to her. I was hoping that she would like it, but I would have never thought she will like it as much :) From everyone who I have made this, she was the only one who actually new the dish and had tried it before, but she also said mine was 10 times better than the one she had tried in some restaurant back in the US. And you know what? I was all smiles :) It was the best comment I could have got. So, with that being said and with everyone else who I have made it having also liked it, I can gladly announce that it is FREAKING delicious! And you need to try it out! :)

As ​always I want to give a couple of tips or notes to my recipe (which can be found below). Because the main stars of this dish are the peppers and the tomatoes, you want to get really good quality peppers and eggs or maybe I should rather say that you want both to be ripe. Yesterday, I used some cherry tomatoes that were super sweet and also the red pepper was very sweet and so the end result was very flavourful and yum! :) So just pay a little attention to these two when picking the ingredients. Also I did use a bit of different spices, but you can also just use the tomato paste, salt, pepper and some paprika and that will also taste great. But in case you have all the spices available, then you should try adding them as I did :) Oh, and the dip I made, which I like to spoon on top of the warm shakshuka and enjoy it like that is also not a must, it is just a little extra and it tastes great.

Grab ​some warm baguette or some soft white bread to go along with the shakshuka and if you keep the egg like I like it, still soft in the middle, you can dip your bread in it for that little extra fun while enjoying your breakfast or brunch :) And the bread is also a good companion to the garlic and herb yogurt dip.



Step by Step Video


Shakshuka-The Best Breakfast Ever

Healthy and super delicious savory breakfast 


  • olive oil

  • 2 medium white onions

  • 2 red peppers

  • 3 medium tomatoes

  • salt

  • black pepper

  • 1tbsp tomato paste

  • 1tsp dry garlic

  • 1tsp paprika

  • 1tsp tandoori masala spice mix

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 garlic clove

  • 200g natural Greek yogurt (10% fat)

  • salt

  • 1-2tbsp green herbs (dill, parsley, coriander/cilantro)


  1. Slice the onions and start cooking them in a medium pan with some olive oil on medium heat. You want to cook the onions until they have got some color.

  2. In the meantime cube the red peppers and the tomatoes.

  3. Once the onion has some color add the red pepper and continue cooking on medium heat for about 5 minutes. Then add tomatoes and cook covered for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes check that the red pepper and tomatoes have started to soften. Season with salt and pepper, add the tomato paste, the dry garlic, the paprika and the tandoori masala, and mix them in well. Cover again and cook for another 5 minutes.

  4. Divide the pepper and tomatoes mix between two medium oven proof ramekins and make a small well in the middle. Break an egg into the well in each ramekin.

  5. Bake the shakshuka´s in 200°C bottom top heat in the middle shelf of the oven for about 10 minutes. Keep an eye on them while you bake them in case you want the egg to be still a little runny. Check by shaking the ramekins lightly and if the egg is only partly shaky then you can remove it from the oven. If you prefer the egg to be cooked through, then remove it only once the egg has set and doesn´t move when you shake the ramekins.

  6. While the shakshuka is baking you can make the garlic and herb yogurt dip. Press the garlic through a garlic press or dice it finely with a knife. Mix the yogurt with the garlic and herbs in a small bowl and season with some salt. This dip is optional, it is a great accompaniment to the shakshuka, but is not a must.

  7. Allow the shakshuka´s to cool for about 5-10 minutes after removing from the oven. Serve the warm shakshuka´s with the garlic and herb yogurt dip and some soft white bread.


TIP. If your frying pan is oven proof you can bake the shakshuka right in the frying pan.

TIP. If you don´t have all of the spices available you can use just the ones you have, it will not make a big difference and will still taste great.

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