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Chewy Salted Caramel Cookies

Delicious chewy caramel cookies with homemade caramel

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Do I love caramel? Oh you bet I do! Whether it is in a form of cheesecake, caramel sauce or cookies, I love it all. And if we can just take a moment to admire these cookies that are so heavenly, so chewy and go perfect with a glass of cold milk that I had to hide them away from myself to stop me from eating them all at one go. Yes, I know, why stop if they are so good, but I was actually planning on gifting some, so had to make myself stop :D But I know, which cookies I will be making again very soon.

This recipe is very easy and actually even quite fast to make. It will take you the maximum of 30 minutes to make the dough, then you just need it to cool over night in the fridge and you are ready to get baking. Make them round, make the square or make them any shape you like, they will still taste amazing :) 

The recipe calls for the caramel frosting to go on top of the cookies as well as the sea salt. However, if you are not feeling the extra caramel and the salt on top, I can tell you, I tried a couple of cookies without the caramel and salt and they tasted yummilicious plain as well. Make them your own cookies and make them the way you like.

Happy Baking lovelies!


Step by Step Video


Chewy Salted Caramel Cookies

Delicious Chewy Caramel Cookies with Homemade Caramel


  • 40ml water

  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon

  • 75ml thick caramel syrup (golden syrup)

  • 85g brown sugar (I use raw unrefined cane sugar)

  • 75g butter

  • 1 tsp baking soda

  • 250g flour

  • homemade caramel

  • sea salt flakes


  1. Heat water in a big pot or big wok pan over medium heat.

  2. Add cinnamon, caramel syrup and brown sugar.

  3. Once sugar has dissolved add butter.

  4. Once butter has melted, remove from heat and add baking soda. Mix well.

  5. Start adding flour little by little and mixing well. Once you have added all of the flour, leave aside to cool completely.

  6. Cover the dough with cling film and store in the fridge over night.

  7. Roll out the dough and cut out the cookies. Cover a baking tray with parchment paper and arrange the cookies on it. Leave some room apart between the cookies as they will expand during baking.

  8. Bake the caramel cookies in 200°C bottom top heat on the middle shelf of the oven for about 10 minutes.

  9. Allow to cool on the baking tray for at least 10 minutes before removing. The cookies will harden while cooling.

  10. Decorate the cooled cookies with some homemade caramel (recipe available on the website). You can also sprinkle some sea salt over the caramel if you want to add a hint of salty flavour to the cookies. You need to add the salt before the caramel sets.


TIP. Store the cookies in an airtight container to keep them fresh for longer.

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