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Healthy Date and Carrot Oat Cookies

A healthy treat for Easter and for any other time of the year


Anything with carrot in it is an Easter recipe, right? :) I think so and that is why this recipe has found its way to my Easter recipes list. I find myself craving all kinds of sweets all the time and cookies are definitely one of the main ones of those cravings. For a change I decided to try making something that would keep the sweet tooth satisfied, but would not have any added sugar or fat in it.

When I am thinking of natural sweeteners, dates are definitely my favorite one. I love eating them as a snack, especially those super soft ones that break in your hands and melt in your mouth..mmm.. :) *took a break and went hunting for some dates* That is why it had to be dates for this recipe as well. To add a bit more sweetness and also to make this an Easter recipe we had to invite the carrot. I personally think this came to be a perfect combination of flavors and if I would give you this cookie and not tell you it has no sugar, you would never be able to tell, as these are really sweet. 

I would like to give you a little tip and that is when you buy the dates for this recipe or any other recipe with dates (don´t miss out my Healthy Date Bread and this amazing Sticky Toffee Pudding) try to get really soft dates as they will make a great smooth puree. However, if you are not able to get such soft dates or you happen to have some leftover dates at home that have gone a little hard, then just soak them for a little longer in that hot water and you will be fine :)

If you are looking for some more healthy recipe options, I have some other great ones available for you here.

Happy Baking lovelies!


Step by Step Video


Healthy Date and Carrot Oat Cookies

A healthy treat with no added sugar or fat


  • 100g dates

  • 1/4tsp baking soda

  • 250ml boiling water

  • 2 medium eggs

  • 1 grated carrot


  • 150g oats

  • 30g flour

  • 2tsp baking powder

  • 50g pecan nuts (optional)


  1. In a medium bowl soak the dates with 250ml boiling water and baking soda for about 30 minutes.

  2. Drain the water from dates and blend them with an immersion blender until a smooth puree.

  3. Add eggs to the date puree and mix well until combined.

  4. Grate the carrot and add to the date puree, mix shortly.

  5. Combine all dry ingredients and add to wet ingredients. If using pecan nuts, crush them a little and also add to the bowl along with the dry ingredients. Mix wet ingredients with the dry ingredients until well combined.

  6. Portion the cookie batter into a baking tray covered with baking paper with a tablespoon and then shape into a cookie shape.

  7. Bake the cookies in 200°C for 15 minutes.

  8. Allow the cookies to cool for about 10 minutes before removing them to a cooling rack to cool them completely.

  9. Store the cooled cookies in an airtight container.

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